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March 12, 2020

NCAB Group acquires Flatfield multi print International B.V.

Dear Customer of Flatfield,

We’re happy to inform you that Flatfield and NCAB Group, one of the world’s largest suppliers of Printed Circuit Boards, with headquarters in Sweden, have signed an agreement by which NCAB Group acquires 100% of the shares of Flatfield.

NCAB Group and Flatfield have a very similar approach to develop partnerships with customers. By joining forces, the combined organizations will be able to service you even better than today. “We believe we can maximize the leverage that this merger provides, both to you and your end customers. As the PCB supply market continues to evolve, this is an excellent time to take the next step. Joining with NCAB will give us all, even more leverage to support you and your customers’ requirements. The major benefits with joining the NCAB Group will come from their extensive factory base in China and increase in resources worldwide.” Says Arjan Sinoo, new MD of Flatfield.

“We are very proud to join forces with Arjan Sinoo and his team. We have the same customer-focused approach where quality and service are our number one priorities. We see great potential to develop our business together with you in the future” says Howard Goff, VP Europe for NCAB Group.

What will this mean for you? Flatfield will change its name immediately to NCAB Group Flatfield and join forces with the other European NCAB offices. Still, your contact persons at Flatfield, will stay on and continue to give you the same excellent service. Regardless whether you are participating in the Da Vinci, the Total Cost of Ownership, the Flatfield Managed Consignment Solution, the Customer Portal or any other Flatfield service, you will continue to benefit from these services in the same or in an even improved way. We will continue to operate from our current office and all the contact information will remain the same.

Flatfield’s current CEO, Dr. Albert van der Wijk has decided to pursue other interests outside the company but he will stay on during the initial phase of the merger to support with the transition.

NCAB Group was listed at NASDAQ Stockholm, small cap on 5 June 5 2018. NCAB is a leading supplier of printed circuit boards, taking full supplier responsibility towards its customers and with local factory presence. Founded in 1993 in Sweden, NCAB Group quickly became a leading PCB supplier in Europe and has experienced growth every year. Today, NCAB Group is established in; Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Macedonia, Italy, Benelux, Malaysia, China and the USA. NCAB Group have sales in excess of 170 million Euro with over 390 employees, including 100 people located in China.

It is our commitment to provide boards, produced sustainably, with superior quality and customer service at the lowest total cost. For more information about NCAB Group please visit us at We would like to personally introduce ourselves to you at a convenient time in the near future.

We are looking forward to the future and continue doing business with you

Yours sincerely,

Howard Goff
VP Europe NCAB Group
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+44 7917 161829

Arjan Sinoo
MD Flatfield
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+31 344 622556

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