Flatfield delivers DDP (incoterms, Duty and Delivery Paid), safely shipping your PCB’s from the manufacturing sites in Europe, Korea and China by air, sea or a combination of both. Obviously, all insurance included.

Working with Flatfield means you receive your goods at your own location of choice without the hassle of import, tax authorities etc. Also, you receive our invoice no earlier than when you receive your products. Through our Hong Kong and Shenzhen facilities, we take care of the hassle and risks of up-front or early payments in foreign currencies.

Once the shipments arrive at our European head office in Tiel, the boards are stored in the climate controlled warehouse until delivery is due. Currently, air shipments arrive two times per week. And each and every week, a sea container leaves the harbour of Hong Kong on its six-week journey towards Flatfield. Boards are stored according to IPC 1601 to ensure quality is preserved.

Flatfield offers a variety of supply chain solutions. From our central warehouse we can support Just In Time (JIT) deliveries to your production line or stock. And, beyond that, we can set up dedicated stock points for you, both in our own warehouse or by creating local stock position at your facilities, of course at our expense. We can manage these entirely for you as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) or Consignment Stock.

You can contact us any time if you want to know more about the possibilities to help you save money, time and management effort in your supply chain.